About Us

StartKredi was founded to educate and help Turkey with selecting and closing the right mortgage.

Uğraş Hasançebi raised in The Netherlands have been working in the international tourism and property industry across the globe since 2005. He witnessed the 2008 credit crisis from nearby and its negative impact on investments, colleagues, family and friends.

Ugras strongly believes that a driver for the crisis was the abundance of credit products available and the lack of understanding of the risks involved of becoming overdebted, meaning having too much credit versus actual savings and income. He wants to avoid this from happening to the growing lending in Turkey with the most essential and complex loan product, the mortgage.

Our vision is that each person should loan according to their budget to avoid any future financial problems. So instead of being a mortgage comparison website, StartKredi takes your financial position in account and actively discusses your situation with the loan providers.

As such, StartKredi is founded. 

The Founders

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Uğraş Hakan Hasançebi | Founder

Uğraş’s career began in the tourism industry with a tour operator company he co-founded and later sold after leading its rapid growth and record sales. In 2005, Uğraş began to hone his expertise in hospitality by successfully diversifying his family's assets into real estate holdings. During this phase of his career Uğraş began to see a demand to educate and help Turkey with selecting and closing the right mortgage.

At StartKredi, Uğraş is responsible for the relationships with the loan suppliers.

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Uğur Hasançebi | Founder

Uğur Hasançebi, brother of Uğraş, represents for us the target group, the upcoming middle class of Turkey. After finishing his international relations undergraduate degree he achieved a Master in global management in San Diego. He has operated as a consultant for several web based start-up companies before becoming the Project leader of StartKredi. 

At StartKredi, Uğur is in charge of the daily operations activities, HR, Sales and Marketing.

The Advisors

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Michiel Molanus | Strategic Advisor

Michiel is one of the four investment managers at Triacta, a Venture Capital & Private Equity investor active in The Netherlands and Belgium. Michiel has over 8 years experience in strategic management consulting at McKinsey & Company. The main focus, during his role as Engagement Manager, was on leading due diligences, identifying value creation opportunities, implementing transformations and supporting M&A in the Banking & Insurance industry. 

At StartKredi, Michiel is involved in all strategic decisions and operating model definition.

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Mustafa Turhan | Financial Advisor

Dr. Mustafa Turhan has actively worked in several governmental positions with most notable his position as general manager for the ministry of energy in 1994. After nine months he was promoted to TEAS as CEO.  Currently he is actively working as member of the board in Goldart Holding and giving lectures at Okan University. He teaches international trade and finance classes to undergraduate and graduate students. He has written three books about banking and finance in Turkey.

At StartKredi, Mustafa is involved with translating our vision to the Turkish market.

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